Available in 4 Sizes

Enjoy Smart Home Ease

The ceiling light works well with smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Homekit, and Samsung SmartThings. It can be easily managed by voice or a touch on the screen.

A Mix of Aesthetics and Quality

Simple and light-weight in design, C2001 Series features a finely finished golden metal frame. This ensures excellent durability that can be counted upon for years to come.

Ultra-thin Shape

The light is designed in a minimalist style with a simple outline that presents a successful balance of practicality and aesthetics.

Create the Right Atmosphere with Pre-set Lighting Modes

From the first ray of sunshine in the morning to a late night working, Yeelight is here for you with a full range of pre-set modes to create just the right atmosphere you need.

More Ways to Control

Add a little dose of your imagination to set up personalized lighting with remote lighting control via Yeeligh App and portable Bluetooth remote.

Cozy Moonlight Sends You to Sleep

C2001 Series supports moonlight mode with an ultra-low brightness. It is perfect for the nighttime as it emits a soft, comfortable glow that reduces glare and eyestrain just like the moonlight.

Specialized Dimming Curve

Unlike other similar products with an abrupt parabolic dimming curve, Yeelight light provides a much smoother dimming curve, making the change of brightness and color temperature go even smoother for greater eye comfort.

Be Faithful to the True Colors with Ra95

C2001 light bead has a color rendering index (Ra) up to 95, which means it can accurately produce the colors as they would be in the natural sunlight. Let's say goodbye to the faded and dull objects, and appreciate the pure and vibrant colors in your life!

Smart Light Is Always on Powered by SLISAON™

As one of Yeelight's advanced innovations, SLISAON™ technology integrates hardware circuits and software algorithms. In this way, you can still change the light through smart control like voice or remote control even after the light power is cut off by the switch.

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