A Smooth Smart Lighting

A smooth smart lighting experience is guar-
anteed with Yeelight Gateway that supports
two access modes: WLAN connection and
Wi-Fi connection. It can deliver more stable
performance with WLAN connection.

High Performance Wi-Fi Chip

The Wi-Fi chip of the gateway boasts high
integration and stable performance.

2×2 MIMO wireless technology allows the
gateway to deliver strong signals for better
coverage and wall-penetrating capability.

A Perfect Fit for Smart BLE Lights

Yeelight Gateway can connect Yeelight Bluetooth devices, such as Yeelight M2 Down-
light, Yeelight M2 Spotlight, and Yeelight T43 Bulb to the cloud. With Yeelight Gate-
way, users will easily enjoy the ease and pleasure of smart interaction with major
AIoT platforms, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and
Samsung SmartThings.

* Products including Yeelight M2 Downlight, M2 Spotlight, and T43 Bulb require Yeelight Mesh
Gateway for App connection and smart control. The gateway is purchased separately.

Three Steps to Get Started


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