Enjoy Immersive Gaming Time

The panels integrate with Razer Chroma™ RGB and Overwolf, sensing and visualizing your gaming mood or on-screen activity in real-time. It takes your gaming experience to the next level!

Design Your Inspiring Lights the Way You Like

The triangular LED panels can be combined into any desired layout to cater to any mood and occasion, adding a touch of personal color to your house.

Lights that Rhyme with Music

Connect the lights to the music by the built-in MIC with sound recognition, or a headphone via audio Y-cable. Add stunning color to your music and enjoy the immersive experience.

Control Your Light the Smart Way

The Perfect Mood for All Scenarios

With 3 modes + 20 lighting effects, you can configure the lights your way via the app, converting audio into color and light for a visual enjoyment. Family time? Gaming time? Movie night? Sorted!

Prime Quality for a Long Service Life

Tightly sealed and connected panels remain beautifully stable regardless of frequent insertions and removals. Plus a service life of 2500 hours, they are not just all about the look and fun.

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