Yeelight LED Folding
Desk Lamp Z1 Pro

Superb Lighting with Sleek Design

Charge Once Lasting 40 Hours
Enhanced Brightness
5-level Dimming
Handy & Rechargeable

Built-in 2500mAh
Lithium Battery for
Longer Duration

Charging the lamp once, it lasts up to 40 hours,
making it a perfect companion at desk.

Enhanced Brightness
For Better Illumination

The lamp's brightness is up to 200 lumen,
brighter light for more efficient and
concentrated work.

Constant Current Dimming Technology Support

The lamp adopts constant-current dimming technology, with which the light does not dim as the battery runs low.

Portable and Rechargeable

The lamp comes with the Type C charger, enabling a simple plugin even in the dark.

Eye-friendly Light with No Flicker

The lamp adopts high quality LED light bead, with no visible stroboscopic and less blue light.

No visible stroboscopic
Avoid eye fatigue
Less blue light
No damage to the retina
High color rendering index
Render true colors

Charge Safely

The built-in NTC power protection module conducts a real time monitoring
on the battery temperature, to ensure a safe battery charging.

Simple Touch Control

One button touch control provides multiple lighting interactions, enjoying convenient and efficient ease.

Short press: turn on/off lamp
Long press: 5-level dimming

Product parameter

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