The Best Bluetooth Gaming Lights for 2022



Bluetooth is a hassle-free and expansive way of connecting devices. For years, there’s been speculation that wireless networks cannot match wired systems. 

While wired networks have many traditional advantages, they fail to offer the reliability and performance needed by the ultra-modern industrial and enterprise developments. 

However, recent advancements in wireless networks and significantly Bluetooth gaming lights have changed how they are perceived.

Advantages of Bluetooth Gaming Lights

Nothing indicates game time like unforgettable and easy lighting transitions to match your game moods. Here are the pros of Bluetooth gaming lights:

  • There is no clutter of wires and cables; too much wiring poses a hazard to you and other gamers. Bluetooth is the ultimate wireless technology.
  • Cost-effective and decentralized technology. You will significantly reduce deployment costs, therefore, minimizing gaming disruptions. 
  • Reliable control and simplicity. Bluetooth is a user-friendly and straightforward technology. Compared to wired systems, Bluetooth gaming lights are easily configurable and flexible. Once deployed, they offer extensible and advanced controls than their counterparts. No technological know-how is required to use it.    
  • It creates a mesh network. Using Bluetooth signals, you can create a mesh network of multiple devices through web communication to control your gaming room lights.  
  • It does not require WiFi to connect. With Bluetooth lighting, your lighting system will remain operational as long as you want. Bluetooth gaming lights are fast and convenient compared to Wi-Fi-based systems. 
  • Security. Bluetooth gaming lights are unlikely to suffer from security threats. Hence cyber attacks are less likely to occur. 

Which are the best Bluetooth gaming lights?

Want to jump into an amusement and add multicolor into your gaming space? Keep reading this article and unlock the full potential of Bluetooth technology.

Day better Smart LED Strip Lights


These waterproof LED strip lights have an impressive built-in mic with the ability to pick music sound and match with lights. You can choose upto 16 million colors and set up your game mood. Since it’s easy to install and use, it’s the perfect lighting for any passionate gamer. 

The day better RGB LED strip lights are controllable using a remote control or the magic home app available on the apple store and google play store. 

With a strong self-adhesive, it’s even easier to mount it on walls, behind the TV, or any place. 

Gilouppe Smart RGB Light Bars


Enjoy a new viewing experience with these trendy light bars that can sync with your TV sounds effortlessly. Keep your guests entertained and glued to the screen while enjoying their favorite games with this vibrant and magic lighting. 

You can personalize your gaming atmosphere and immerse yourself in the gaming world with several dynamic modes. 

The Gilouppe smart-RGB LED light bars boast a stylish remote controller and innovative app that allows you to easily control and manage your lighting. 

The light bars can be attached to the back of your screen, giving you access to multiple DIY colors and timer functions.

Hexagon Lights


The hexagon lights can turn your gaming room into a magical setting powered by RGB LED technology. You can operate the system through a mobile app to create your desired lighting theme within seconds. 

With a 24/7 timer clock, you can automatically turn on and off your lights at your preferred time. You can get creative by choosing different colors and matching them with whatever is in your room or seeing the lights flash with the sounds of your game. 

The built-in music mode, which is highly sensitive to music sound rhythm, and automatic changing speeds will keep you and your guest awake all night as you enjoy your favorite games. 

Philips Hue Bluetooth Light Bulbs


The Philips Hue Bluetooth Light bulbs are great inventions that transform the way you illuminate your gaming room. 

Through Bluetooth, you can control up to ten different lights in one gaming room. Alternatively, you can control the lighting with your voice using google assistant or Alexa.

If you are already a Philips Hue customer, these bulbs are compatible with the Hue hub. 

Play with over 16 million colors and transform your gaming room atmosphere. Choose bright colors if you want to focus or dim lights when you need to relax. 

To unlock additional unique and magnificent features like Spotify music and many more, connect to a Hue Bridge.

Aled Light LED Strip 5050


The easy-to-install and versatile Aled light LED strip 5050 can be used almost anywhere, including in your gaming room. 

With millions of colors to choose from, this intelligent system is compatible with smartphones.

It’s waterproof and can be synchronized with your music rhythm to give you the ultimate gaming experience. 

The fantastic feature is trimming the strips to your preferred lengths without damaging them by cutting along the indicated marks.

Azhien Smart LED Light Bars


Enhance your entertainment and keep your guests thrilled with this unique entertainment system. 

It has a built-in high-sensitive microphone and music player. It can synchronize smoothly with your screen sounds or music for a charming gaming mood.

With upto 16 million colors, you can customize your colors, light effects, and scene modes through the Bluetooth app. You can attach it to the back of your TV with an adhesive or place it behind the screen for convenience.

In addition, it allows you to add depth of colors to your home theater while upgrading your gaming lights decor.

Bason Lighting LED Strip Lights 


The Bason lighting LED Strip lights can help you create a vibrant gaming atmosphere with thousands of DIY colors from which to choose. It has a built-in and susceptible mic that can sync the lights with your favorite music or even your voice.

With a Bluetooth App control and remote control, you can revamp your gaming space through this flexible strip light.


All the above gaming lights have unique features that they bring to the table. Bluetooth gaming lights are the ultimate lighting systems for the best gaming experience. Consider wireless technology if you are looking for simple and direct control over your gaming lights. 

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