What are RGB Light Panels—The Coolest Smart Light, Ever

Hassan Usmani

Hassan Usmani

Yeelight Tech Expert & Blogger

RGB light panels have become a viral thing in the tech community and are beloved by tech-savvies. When it originally came out, it was seen to be overpriced, but now there are so many new brands that provide customers with alternatives at reasonable pricing. This article will lay out some basics for those who haven’t heard about it and are eager to bring their home lighting to another level.

What is a Smart Light Panel

Smart light panels are an intriguing alternative to regular light bulbs for adding light to your room. They’re a terrific method to make your own designs and provide a conversation piece or simply a fresh light source at your home. 

The light panels can be joined to each other on either side and has almost all the features typical to smart lights, such as color temperature adjustment, music sync, various control methods, and so on, allowing you to create a wide range of shapes and sizes and enjoy the convenience of smart lights.

How Do RGB Light Panels Work

To answer this question, we first need to know what RGB in lights means.

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Red, blue, and green LEDs are referred to as RGB LEDs. These three colors are used in RGB LEDs to create approximately 16 million different light hues. Please keep in mind that not every color is available. Some colors are visible “beyond” the RGB LED triangle.

RGB light panels are designed to create an immersive gaming experience by offering interactive RGB light.

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For example, Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels feature 3 modes + 20 RGB lighting effects, you can configure the light panels your way via the Mi Home App, converting audio into color and RGB light for visual enjoyment.

With the built-in MIC and sound recognition, you can automatically sync the light panels with your favorite music and let the lights dance to it. Via audio Y-cable on the controller, you can enjoy music-sync RGB light panels even when you are wearing headphones, adding stunning colors to your music.

Some smart light panels (including Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels) are also Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible, allowing you to control the lights with your voice through your preferred assistant. Turning on and off lights, altering brightness, colors, and more, you’d enjoy configuring Google Home routines to alter the lighting with a few words.   


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So, in my view, the most important purpose of the smart light panels is to make your place appear nice. The lights are bright and vibrant, more than enough to elicit an emotional response, and you can occasionally customize the color of the environment around you while gaming, which greatly enhances the immersion of the gaming experience. Because it varies with the beat when you play music in the room, it may make your heroic actions in the game pretty cool!

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