Yeelight Teams up with Amazon Alexa to Boost the Growth of the Global Smart Home Industry



With more and more companies entering the area, smart home industry is now flourishing. Despite the fact that there have been numerous goods with whole-house automation concepts in recent years, the majority of them are still at an early and superficial stage. Yeelight, one of the leading smart lighting brands, is known to have engaged in depth in smart home field based on its strengths in lighting design and R & D – the brand recently decided to join Amazon in support of the Matter protocol, thus jointly expanding the smart home field. Additionally, Yeelight has long collaborated with Amazon in LAP (Local Adapter Platform), which is highly acknowledged by industry users.

Yeelight, One of the First to Adopt LAP Technology, Enhances Product Stability via Strong Collaboration

Yeelight is one of the first brands to adopt LAP technology in the smart lighting industry, according to Amazon. The adoption of LAP technology provides users with multiple advantages and benefits. While utilizing Echo devices, the smart devices and Amazon smart speakers communicate through local network, which reduces the latency of the smart speakers when executing user commands. Therefore, user experience is considerably enhanced. At the same time, communication will be more reliable since it is based on local LAN connection; even if the network is down, users can still control the device.

Embrace the Matter Era and Enhance Smart Lighting Experience

From concepts to everyday products, and to scenario-based automation, smart home in China has permeated people’s lives and dramatically enhanced customers’ living experiences. However, the rapid development has led to inconsistent standards and isolated smart home systems. The introduction of the Matter protocol is an optimum solution for such dilemma. So, what exactly is Matter? In a nutshell, Matter is a new smart home standard that promises to connect various devices and systems into one platform, making everything function together. The most significant benefit that Matter delivers is interconnection and interoperability. Many well-known brands of smart home products can be interconnected, and users can use these products without being bound by the products of one brand, or even simply achieve interaction among devices from different systems, greatly lowering the barrier to using smart home and making it easier to popularize smart home faster.

Recently, in addition to earlier close collaboration on LAP project, Yeelight has decided to join Amazon in support of the Matter protocol, to boost the development of the smart home industry. At this point, most Yeelight devices can support Matter through firmware upgrades. Matter protocol is a well-recognized smart home standard co-led by Google, Amazon, Apple, and other major players. Devices implementing the protocol can be interoperable with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

Yeelight, as a leading brand in the smart lighting sector, drives the industry forward via constant innovation, industrial breakthroughs, and professional lighting designs. Yeelight has been let into thousands of families and has become a vital element of home automation, thanks to its superb design, quality, and professional products. As an active partner in the Matter project, Yeelight will be one of the first brands to comply with the Matter standard as soon as it is certified, offering customers with Matter-compliant smart lighting solutions. By then, Yeelight Pro customers will be able to connect all of their smart lights at home to the Matter platform with a simple OTA update of their Yeelight Pro gateway, without the need to purchase any new devices.

“From the outset of Matter’s inception, Yeelight has been closely focusing and actively participating in the protocol’s development and testing. We’re excited to collaborate with Amazon on the design and testing of Matter’s whole-process user experience. We think that Matter, as a universal IoT protocol, can further increase industrial success, improve user experience, and create a more healthy and benign ecology. “

– Wilson Wei, Yeelight CTO

In light of the extensive integration of smart home and whole-house décor, the significance of Matter protocol goes without saying. As one of the first lighting brands to support Matter, Yeelight sets out to lead the industry in the future, actively promotes the interconnection of devices with global brands supporting Matter protocol, and embraces the promising future of smart home with a more open mind, giving users a more relaxed and free experience of smart home scenes.

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Yeelight, the best smart lighting brand in the world, has successfully shipped over 50 million products to over 200 countries and regions globally. Its extensive product portfolio takes care of all the lighting needs at home, including basic light, table light, ceiling light, ambiance light, and smart light control. The brand is widely integrated with major IoT platforms in the world, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Razer ChromaYandexNaver, IFTTT, etc. Yeelight endeavors to bring you the best lighting experience you may imagine!

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