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August, 2022


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Yeelight and eWeLink forge strategic partnership to expand smart home ecosystems

In order to better seamle …

Monthly Highlights


New entry into 61 offline channels of CANIZ, the largest home center in Japan.

Taiwan, China

Dedicated Brand Event at Momo and PC Online, the largest E-commerce platform in Taiwan. The revenue per MOMO LIVE reaches 10,000 USD.

0 k USD
MOMO Stream
0 k USD
7.24 - 7.31
0 k USD
PC Home
7.1 - 7.23

Hong Kong, China

Product Roadshow at Wanchai Computer Square, one of the largest one-stop computer and digital shopping malls in Hong Kong; Desk Lamp roadshow at Hong Kong Book Fair, the largest book fairs in Asia.


Security Exhibition + Conference. Collaborate with Konec

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