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Good lighting can make a good gaming experience even better. The gaming room lights add ambiance to playing spaces for table games or video games. For the ultimate gaming experience, gaming lights should be both decorative and functional. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss why you need more than just ordinary lampstands or ceiling lights for your gaming room. I will also talk about seven types of gaming room lights and the factors to consider when selecting the right lights for your gaming room.

Why Do You Need Gaming Room Lights?

Whether you are hosting your friends to a friendly competition or having a solo RPG night, you can fully enjoy the game if you have good lighting. There are several ways gaming room lights work, including:

  • Set the mood right: to set a desirable gaming mood, you may want inviting, immersive, relaxing, not ordinary or sharp light. Your usual soft yellow or glaring white ceiling lights might not help set the unique mode. Gaming room lights can check all the boxes and even more. 
  • They elevate the surroundings: the best gaming experience should be peculiar and transportive. Gaming room lights can help you keep calm, immerse you into a distinct world and boost your game concentration.
  • They light the desired spaces: ordinary ceiling lights can cause excessive TV screen glare. Gaming room lights can help reduce the glare and emanate just sufficient light to allow you to see your keyboard or controller. Also, they directly light the table games and keep your environment cool, calm, and collected.
  • They create an incomparable environment. Adorning your gaming room ceilings and walls with relaxing, colorful, galaxy, and star effects brings an unmatched gaming environment and experience. 
  • They add personality. Gaming room lights can help enhance the experience for both you and your guests too. For instance, if your friends visit for a billiards night, you can light up their fun by turning on your new pool table lights with classic patterns.
  • They pinpoint special effects. When the back and forth of the games starts feeling tedious, the gradually changing patterns or colors of your room lights can revive your concentration by stimulating your senses. Therefore the unique color effects can help you stay alert.

Types Of Gaming Lights

There are many gaming room light types that can help you carve out the incomparable gaming space of your dreams. They include:

1. LED Lights

LED lights are incredible for gaming space lighting. Some come mixed with laser lights for a more intensified game playing. Also, some models have a feature that allows you to synchronize the lights to the game through the onscreen action or the game sound. They give you a range of color options.

2. Shape Lights

Shape lights come in different shapes, such as triangles, squares, and hexagons. You can select and install them according to your preference. Also, you can mount them on the ceiling or wall, configure them into pictures and adjust them to colors of your choice.

3. Projection Lights  

Something good about projection lights is that you can easily adjust or change them by slightly moving the projector. Adding a laser to this light can bring a lightning storm-like feeling to your gaming room. What a wonderful experience it can be to play in the storm.   

4. Fan Lights

Computers and gaming consoles can heat up during prolonged gaming sessions. Using fan lights can help cool your devices while keeping your gaming space well-lit. Also, the fan breeze can keep you feeling comfortable all night long.  

5. Portable Lights 


Portable lights can plug into a portable charger or USB port of your laptop or desktop computer. They can also be handy because you can move them from one place to another and bend them to light a specific area. Also, they come in different colors and can change colors often.

6. Laser Lights 

Lasers offer a lighting solution that projects vibrant colors and is energy efficient. They can add movement and brighten your space at the same time. Laser lights have different color options, and each can contain multiple colors. They are the best choice if you want a highly vibrant color option.

7. Sky Lights

If you want to experience the feeling of flying in the space realm while playing a space game, skylights are your thing. You can adjust them such that the stars float and move around. 

In such a setting, playing a space game at night could feel like you are outdoors in the wild- a pleasant feeling for several gameplay nights. 

Factors To Consider When Selecting Gaming Room Lights

The noble thing with gaming room lights is their availability in numerous options- skylights, projectors, and portable lights might all work for your space. With such abundant choices, the question is, how can you determine the best option? 

The following tips can help you figure out cool lights for gaming room lighting:

  • Decide where you want to place the lights. You can make do with a portable light if you prefer to have your lights behind the gaming console. The light can plug into the console. On the other side, you may opt for the projectors if you want an entire-room immersion feeling. 
  • Know the amount of light you require. Big gaming rooms need more lighting than small ones. If your gaming room is about the same size as a typical office, a single projector or LED light can work fine. However, if it is as big as your whole finished basement, then you will need more lighting.
  • Pick your preferred colors. If you want to keep things figuratively low energy, laser projectors with fewer color options could be sufficient for your needs. If you have a red gaming chair, choose red lights. Similarly, if you have a blue gaming table, pairing it with blue laser light can be a great choice.
  • Consider reducing the wires. A gaming PC or console can take so much wiring to set up. Why add more to the jumble unless you inevitably need to? USB projectors, skylights, and laser bulbs can give you decent game lighting, low power bills, and personality without detracting from the appearance of your room.     

Final Thoughts

There are many various categories of gaming room lights and how you can utilize them. It can enrich or thwart your gaming experience. The clue is finding what best suits your room and the types of games you play. At Yeelight, we can assist you with the gaming lighting setup. Give us a call or visit our showroom for a demonstration.

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