The Best RGB Gaming Room Setup Ideas You Should Know



Playing in a comfortable chair feels good whether you are playing on PS4, Xbox, or PC. However, playing in a properly setup RGB gaming room can take your gaming experience and comfort to new heights. 

But the question is, how can you set up your gaming space to allow you to enjoy and focus on your games? 

This article brings you the best gaming room setup ideas for enhanced gaming experience and comfort. 

How Do You Come Up With a Great Decorative Design for Your Gaming Space?

It calls for a high level of creativity and attention to detail to develop a perfect decorative design for your RGB gaming room. From the floor plan to lighting and additions, the following hints can guide you in transforming your gaming space. 

Select a Suitable Theme of Your Preference

Select a suitable theme that suits your goals. Prepare a list of the items you intend to put in the room. Having the list will help you create a coherent floor plan. Alternatively, you can get theme ideas from sites like Pinterest.

Consider the Natural Architecture of the Room

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Factor in the natural gaming room design or architecture of your room; some rooms have elements that can aid in your selection of furniture—for instance, a space with windows with modern touches or a fireplace. Moreover, you can use a window overlooking the city as a basis for how to set up your room. 

Create a Nice Floor Plan

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Develop a good floor plan to visualize your desired gaming room output. Remember to leave an allowance of about one meter between furniture for easy movement. Also, if you plan to include carpets, make sure you take measurements of the whole floor. Choosing the right rug will help you attain an incomparable gaming room.

Chose Accurate Additions

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What determines the room’s unique outlook is not the number of items you have but the types of stuff you put in it. Therefore, it is crucial to list your preferred things from which to select. The gaming room accessories list could include decorative lamps, a couch, a fridge for storing your drinks, or sofas. 

Look Into the Lighting

Lights are a crucial component of your RGB gaming room setup. There are various alternatives amongst which you can select, including:

  • Spotlights
  • Bar lights
  • Aurora Nanoleaf light panels
  • Desk lamps
  • Projection lights
  • Strip lights

Gaming lights add personality to your gaming space. The type you select should fit in and bring out your desired outlook.

This YouTube video shows different types of RGB lighting for gaming rooms:

How Do I Set Up RGB Lights in My Room?

You would not want your gaming room to look dull or tired. If you wish to do a makeover to your gaming space or set it up for the first time, these gaming room lights ideas can significantly benefit when organizing your room.

Before setting up lights in your RGB gaming room, you need to consider factors such as:

  • The amount of light that is sufficient for your requirements; will depend on the size of your room.
  • Which part of the room do you want to illuminate; it could be the entire room, wall, desk, or monitor.
  • The colors that you prefer
  • If you prefer to reduce the number of wires, you may opt for compact lamps with less wiring.

The above points will help you decide the type and quantity of gaming room led lights for your gaming space.

The youtube video below illustrates how to set up RGB lights in a gaming room.

Where To Install the Lights in Your Gaming Room

When setting up your RGB gaming room, you have endless options if you are creative with the LED lights. You must not necessarily spend a fortune to set the stage for an elevated gaming experience. Some of the best locations to place the lights in your gaming space include:

Under Your Gaming Desk

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One of the best spots to place the LED lights in your gaming space is under your gaming desk. The beautiful glow, which you can adjust to different color themes, can set the right gaming mood by keeping the entire room illuminated stylistically without the risk of causing glare to your eyes.  

 Behind Your Monitor or Screen

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It is pretty easy setting up led light strips behind your monitor. The lights can brighten up and add personality to your gaming space. Task lighting will help set the precise mood for gaming or working by enhancing your focus. 

Also, the lights can balance the situation; they are not too dim for you to get sleepy and not too bright to cause a migraine.

Under Your Shelves

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If you have a collection of souvenirs on your shelf, accent lighting may be handy in showing off your astounding collection. Installing the LED lights under the shelves can be a good start in creating a glowing exhibition with your souvenirs and transforming your room. 

Around the Mirror

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The mirror is a perfect place to apply creativity with lights. It could be for decoration purposes or your makeup tutorial post for TikTok. You may use RGB-LED strips that can transition from bright to soft multicolor schemes for different uses.

On the Shelves

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You can transform your shelf by accessorizing it with RGB LED lights to add some ambiance to it. The soft glow can help set the right mood for gaming or late-night reading. You may add LED strip lights to the shelf to illuminate your collection in combination with a multipurpose compact lamp. 

On Your Gaming Desk

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You may want to light up or illuminate only a particular spot-this could be your monitor or your gaming keyboard without the lights glaring in your eyes. In this case, the desk lamp would be a perfect choice. Desk lamps come with an anchoring stand, and you can place them on your desk and adjust them to illuminate your desired position. 

On the Walls

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If you want to avoid the uncomfortable bright overhead ceiling lights in your gaming room, you can replace them with RGB LED wall lights like digital wall panels, laser lights, or hexagon lights. Wall lights can help transform your gaming space and bring an incomparable immersive experience.

What Is the Best Light for a Gaming Room?

As I mentioned earlier, the right choice for gaming room lighting depends on factors such as the size of your room, your color choice, the amount of light you require, the kind of games you play, etc. some of the best options for lights for gaming space include:

  • Skylights
  • Portable lights
  • RGB LED light strips
  • The infinity mirror
  • Laser lights
  • Projection lights
  • Fan lights

Final Thoughts

A good RGB gaming room setup can take your gaming experience to a new level. For the best ideas on your gaming setup, contact us at Yeelight. We can help transform your room into a dream gaming haven. Also, we have a wide variety of affordable and best-quality RGB LED lights.

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