Yeelight Pro officially supports MATTER through the Gateway upgrade



Yeelight, a leading smart lighting brand that has been committed to bringing professional lighting products and solutions to the market, has announced its official support of Matter protocol in its entire Yeelight Pro product line, achieved again seamless integration with IoT platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, etc. By upgrading the existing S20 gateway, all the Yeelight Pro users can enjoy ease, extensive connectivity, and high security of Matter protocol.

The Yeelight Pro is a premium smart lighting product line that features a professional lighting design, a super stable smart lighting control system, and high-end smart lighting devices. It represents an integrated solution dedicated to bringing a premium smart lighting experience. Its extensive product portfolio includes smart lights, sensors, smart switches, etc. With compatibility with Matter protocol, Yeelight Pro further strengthens its promise of reliable and secure connectivity, creates more connections between smart devices, and increases compatibility for users.

“We are excited to announce that we have successfully integrated Matter protocol support into our Yeelight Pro product line,” said Coaster Li, VP of Yeelight Overseas Division. “This integration has enabled our products to work seamlessly with a growing number of smart home devices, giving our customers more freedom and flexibility to create their ideal lighting environments.”

With the addition of the Matter protocol support, Yeelight Pro offers seamless connections and unlocks endless possibilities for smart experiences, which means users can easily control and customize their lighting settings through a single hub or mobile app, making it easier than ever to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. More importantly, Matter ensures such connectivity and ease with more reliability and security.

Recently, during the What’s New on Google I/O 2023, new Google Home APIs simplify the process of building Matter devices and make it easy for users to set them up easily and even control them in the app. Yeelight was also presented at the I/O as a firm supporter and adopter of leveling up smart home integration of Matter upgrade, and further fulfilled its promise of “Smart Lighting Made Easier”.

About Yeelight

Yeelight, the best smart lighting brand in the world, has successfully shipped over 80 million products to over 200 countries and regions globally. Its extensive product portfolios take care of all the lighting needs – Yeelight Home fulfills daily smart lighting demands with nifty and practical lights; Yeelight Fun inspires users’ unique expression with versatile and customizable RGB smart lights; Yeelight Pro provides unparalleled professional lighting experience with a systematic approach.

Highly supportive of Matter and widely integrated with IoT platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Razer Chroma, etc. Yeelight endeavors to bring you the best lighting experience you may imagine!

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